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A Short Path To Real Leadership

A Short Path To Real Leadership

I am aware that many, a lot, ok quite a few of my newsletters have been (and probably will continue to be) about taking a Leadership role.) Well, here’s one more…

What does a Leader “Look Like”? Well, when it comes to the “telltale” signs, The behaviors of Leaders look like:

  • When it comes to those NEW HIRES, it begins with being consistently consistent to communicating your expectations and defining what “GOOD looks like” beginning day one. (Even beginning in the interview, done with a sense of respect”.)

  • With “new hires” it means guiding and directing without a belligerent tone. Rather, your interactions say “I’ll invest in you as long as you invest in yourself by striving to learn and contribute.”

  • Your actions will come from realizing that you will spend more time with them, than with your immediate family or social circle. And so will they with you. Thusly you are committed to their growth in their job and as a “part of your team”.

  • With your existing staff, ones you have inherited, and the ones you have hired yourself, they can relate to your consistently consistent behavior vs. consistently inconsistent behavior.

  • Anyone who works with you should know if you consider them a “top-performer” because you have genuine respect for them and have told them. And those who are “underperformers” understand that as well. And, that you willingly accept the challenge to surround your top performers with other top performers.

With both groups, your relationships would/will be based on trust and honesty in your dealings. That includes having high expectations of YOU as well. If you make a mistake, (I know it’s hard to consider.) IKR

You take ownership of those times and will expect the same from each of them.

Any of you who aspire to a Leader role and aspire to live out the bullets above, have already recognized that nobody wants to follow “mediocrity”. THEY/WE want to follow Leaders.

So, that’s my “short form” route to Leadership.

That’s all.


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