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“A man’s gotta know his limitations”

A quote from another great philosopher, Harry Callahan (also known as Clint Eastwood in the 2014

movie, Magnum Force.)

For our purposes take your brain out of the movie, the plot, and the character. IKR. (Seriously it’s a 2014 movie you ought to see if you haven’t.)

Think about the message. It has relevance to you and me as we go about our daily lives. I’m going to “relate” the message to YOU at work. Try answering these questions for YOU:

· Am I as GOOD as I can be when it comes to performing my job?

· Do I still “Strive” to achieve?

· As you brush your teeth in the morning, have you ever asked the person in the mirror “I wonder what might be different if I had only?”

A good exercise in itself, to think over your answers. But I have another consideration for you as well.

In order for you to “know your limitations” you have to have applied yourself in the past (and recent present) to have a “benchmark to compare to”. It’s like a runner who tries running for the first time. What was their distance in their first effort? What is their distance and times now? As a Supervisor or Manager, how good of a Supervisor are you? That may lead you into thinking about how good could you be.

My Point, if you don’t try to be better, you won’t know. You won’t help yourself. You won’t see your efforts in action. If you don’t try to “be even better”, you risk stagnation.

Aren’t you worth the potential benefits of finding out where your limits are?

I think you are.


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