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A Bit of a Different Newsletter...

A Bit Of A Different Newsletter For A Bit Of A Different Time

(Yup a second newsletter this week. Just to break up any monotony.)

“This picture from World War II is a soldier carrying a donkey. It is not that the soldier loves donkeys or has some sort of perversion. What’s happening is that the field is mined and that if the donkey was free to wonder as it pleased, it would likely detonate a charge and kill everyone. The moral of the story is that during difficult times the first ones you have to keep under control are the jackasses who don’t understand the danger and do as they please.”

(A family friend posted this on Facebook and told me I could use it. )

The severity of the time may make it definitely applicable for right now; but doesn’t this story-with-a-moral also have merit when things get “back-to-normal”?

Stay safe. Stay healthy.


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