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31% of workers QUIT

That caught my attention. How about you? (It’s from an article posted by a “Team Building” organization.)

As I read more, I learned that from a survey of 1,000 people, 31% had left a new job within the first six months of employment. Of equal intrigue, to me anyway, they found a month-by-month correlation that worked out to an average of 16%-17% of new hires who left a new job they had probably worked hard to land, in each of the first three months.

Not surprisingly, among the most often identified reasons given for their decision to leave their job (using their wording), were “bad bosses” and “lack of training”. I’ve shared with you in previous newsletters that other surveys have shared respondent feedback to include thoughts like “lack of acknowledgment and recognition” and lack of “positive feedback”.

As a Supervisor or Owner, I would pause and absorb the message shared with you by a good portion of those who have voluntarily said “Goodbye” to their job with you. If you are the Owner of the company, or if you are the Manager or Supervisor over a group of people ask yourself this question:

  • Do you “set people up for success?

  • Do you recognize the existence of those people you are spending more time in any 24-hour day than you do with members of your own family?

  • Do you extend respect to everyone who works with/for you?

Your answers to these questions relate directly to your turnover rate/retention rate. Your answers to these questions translate directly into measurable productivity and the “cost” (in real dollars) of constantly starting over with one new hire after the other.

Personally, I would choose to be selfish about productivity and the cost associated with the number of people who “start” and “leave”. How about you?

Or, maybe look at it this way. You may think your company has a probationary period for new hires. One of the things I take away from this survey data is that “new hires’ put their new employer on a “probationary” clock too.


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