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28,800 and Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Have you ever stopped to consider:

That you spend quite a lot of time at work. Sure you have. But, have you ever quantified that time?

No? Allow me to help you with the math. Let’s take a basic 8-hour day at work supervising a staff of people. Now multiply 8 hours times 60 minutes in a hour times 60 seconds in each minute. (8x60x60= 28,800 seconds) (You can do the same math steps for a 24 hr day x 60min x 60 sec = 86,400.) IKR

If you plotted where the time is spent, typically “at work is where the bulk of your conscious, awake time is spent” at work. And, the same math goes for each of your direct reports. They too are spending more time with you (you with them) than you are spending with members of your own family and friends.

SO, HOW ARE YOU USING YOUR 28,800? Especially when it comes to developing the talent possessed

by each of those workers.

Here’s my take on this subject.

You have an amazing opportunity as a Supervisor of People. You have the power to create self-fulling prophecies. Yes, you can set new hires up to succeed…or not. People who work under your supervision may decide to drop anchor and not “turn over” one more time. That’s called increasing retention. You can create a workplace in your department that supports “welcoming” new members. You can model “extending respect” for others in your words and actions. And, (yes another interjection IKR) you can invest in each employee in ways that will invite “striving” on their part; to achieve their potential.

OR, you can choose to do none of the above and experience the self-fulfilling prophecy of living with high or higher turnover.

Hmmmm…sounds like a choice between options. How might I waste some of my 28,800 secs? Or, how can I use some of my 28,800secs with a beneficial outcome?

Oh By The Way….your choice will become part of YOUR personal/professional legacy. That’s all.


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