Business Perspective

The solution to many of the problems a business faces is resident in the talent already
inside the organization. Unfortunately many companies don't know how to tap into that talent.

Across the diverse industries I have worked with, there have been two common problems that Managers have identified: process problems and people problems. Since people implement the processes; its more often than not comes down to people.

If you want to get a Return on Your Investment (ROI), invest in people. Innovation and creativity, the capacity to make decisions in the moment, and passion is resident in people. 

The culture of a company is what causes people to stay or go. That culture is acted out by the managers of the company. People leave bosses in greater percentages than they leave companies. Those managers who respect and value the contribution of those they direct can have high performance expections and, more often than not, people will rise to those expectations. In the same vein, managers who exhibit low respect and extend little value will have low expectations of those they supervise. Their subordinates will also prove then right.